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Faderport 16 display won't light up when session opened, refuses to update firmware

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asked Feb 18, 2019 in FaderPort 16 by jplatinum (280 points)
Computer still recognizes and communicates with Faderport, but the faders won't go up whenever I start a new session. Tried updating the firmware through Universal Control, keeps telling me to power cycle the device while the Faderport itself is stuck on "Please wait..." and never goes past 1%, which means my only option is to restart it and begin the cycle again. Both soft and hard reboots have been tried to no avail. I've had a similar problem before, but my previous solutions didn't work.

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answered Feb 20, 2019 by nickmaggio (26,660 points)
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You may want to reach out to Tech Support in this regard.
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answered Sep 14, 2019 by nige108 (460 points)
Hi there,

I'm just wondering whether you got this sorted? I have managed to get the firmware to update by using another PC to do so. God knows why you should have to do that but anyway, upon reconnecting back to my regular PC the problem still exists. The lights wont light up on the buttons when pressed, most of the buttons do nothing and the faders do not update when opening a new song and the scribble strips the same.

Any tips would be appreciated. By the way. Running W10 64 and S1 pro 4. No changes have been made to my system lately. This is literally working one day, next day not. W10 updates are disabled.

Thank you