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How do you connect PS 24C audio interface with a mac and no USB connection on supplied cable?

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asked Nov 4, 2020 in ioStation24c by robbiecressman (120 points)
First off guys... you could name your gear a little more clearly...

I just purchased a persons studio 24c digital interface and not sure if this a part of the studio one series? studio live series?

Just out of the box and trying to connect the 24c to my mac.  Its labeled as a USB C but there is no USB end to the cable included in the box. The diagram in your paper work shows the cable as being from USB C on one end to a USB plug on the other end.

So... Im a little newer to this... What am I to do here?

Is there an adaptor I am supposed to purchase?

I have 5 adaptors for my mac ...all $100 each and not one handles USB C to USB C allowing another port to be able as well for power.

Please advise.  Thanks for the help.

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