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Saving Stems???

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asked Nov 8, 2020 in Studio One 5 by ericshort (450 points)
I recently build a computer for producing music (OS is Windows 10-64bit). Since this is going to be used solely for music, I tried to export the stems from my laptop (MacBook Pro OS Mojave—had this for the past 8ish years) to have them saved onto my new computer but having problems. Every time I playback the stems and save them (Save As), I’ll close the program and open it back up and get missing files (all audio files I previously recorded through my MacBook).
I then thought about changing the format to wav (changing the ‘Save as type’ from Studio One Song (*.song) to (*.wav)) but I don’t have that option.
All I want to do is to continue to work on the songs I previously had on my Mac to be on one device, my PC. I don’t want to continue to use my external hard drive (I just keep songs/etc I definitely don’t want lost on it).
Any help you can give me is definitely appreciated :)

*I am using
Studio One professional
Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 (PC)
Mojave 10.14.6 (Mac)

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answered Nov 8, 2020 by wesleypeterson (20,880 points)
You can export the stems through main menu item "Song > Export Stems". But I would recommend using "File>Save To New Folder" as exporting stems will include your effects on the bounce. That way you can just copy the new folder you created for each song to your new machine and have the wav files, effect settings, and mixer settings already. I go between machines a lot but they are all windows but I assume it would be the same.
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answered Nov 9, 2020 by ericshort (450 points)
@wesleypeterson It worked!!! Thanks a lot :)