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I detect current in the bolts of the chassis audioBox iOne

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asked Nov 12, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by ajlozano (1,020 points)
I have been having noise problems for a long time when using the line connection of my beloved audioBox iOne, moments ago I felt a small tickle on my finger while I disconnected a jack cable and I rubbed one of the screws on the chassis. So I took an electricity detector and it effectively tells me that all the screws have electricity, I don't know what voltage or current, but the detector's led lights up when I touch the screws. Is this normal? My audioBox iOne is from the year 2015 , never had any problem , just that buzz.
Thanks in advance

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answered Nov 23, 2020 by erhardschwenk (2,100 points)
This is _not_ normal for sure and may be potentially dangerous.

First of all: get some simple insulating gloves and wear them or use insulated tools to go on. That may safe your life.

Carefully disconnect the power cord of that Box and of all devices connected to it immediately. Wait 15 Minutes to make sure there is no still loaded capcitor causing truoble. Check that it is absolutely sure you have no current on that screws before touching anything again. If you want to be really sure, take some thick wire and connect the metal box to a ground source (water hose or the like) to definitely get rid of any persisting potentials.

Then, remove all connections from that Box and let an Electrician check it immediately. Tell him what you found  out. If he cannot find a mistake, you may have to let him check your other devices or your electric installation (are all ground wires really grounded there?).

Remark: THERE MUST NOT BE ANY SIGNIFICANT VOLTAGE OR CURRENT ON PARTS YOU CAN TOUCH. Never ever. Under _no_ circumstances. If there is, something might be broken very badly.
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answered Nov 23, 2020 by ajlozano (1,020 points)

erhardschwenk : thanks you very much for your response. I'm going to try plugging the audiobox into another outlet, if the problem persists then I'll try to find a technician who can check it. My problem is finding someone trained in these types of devices.