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Feature request for Notion

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asked Nov 14, 2020 in Notion Feature Requests by markcameron1 (310 points)
Please add built in presets for Miroslav 2. I find it unusual that you would supprt Miro 1 with builtin presets and then leave Miro 2 users without support.

Thank you

Mark Cameron

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answered Nov 15, 2020 by peterkellman (190 points)
Mark, I have yet to create a special rule's score for Miroslav 2. I have viewed the link provided on how to create the rules but I need more info than it provided or at least an example of it in the score mode. There is a video series of this for Vienna strings but I couldn't translate it to the Miroslav. Iook in videos at Presonus. I am not a Tech guy I need step by step. It can be done