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Studio One 4 with mac OS Big Sur

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asked Nov 17, 2020 in Studio One by stevecounsell (200 points)
Like a fool I have installed Big Sur on my Mac and now Studio One 4 professional is running strangely
Very jumpy and jerky graphics and also some stutter on wav files
Is a fix for this coming soon?

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answered Nov 17, 2020 by stevenritter1 (150 points)
I was itching to upgrade myself, thank you for bringing this up.  I will definitely wait now.. however, if you find a fix, please post up.. thanks again.
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answered Nov 18, 2020 by stevecounsell (200 points)
So it turns out Studio One 4 isn’t supported on Big Sur
It runs but is very glitchy...guess I’m upgrading to 5 which is supported apparently
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answered Dec 28, 2020 by michaelchylewski (140 points)
My Macbook Pro is overheating with Studio One 4 and Big Sur, using much too much CPU power. However, it is working with only minor glitches. But the fast spinning fan is annoying. Maybe better wait with updating your OS until the problem is being solved.
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answered Jan 7, 2021 by jordansimm1 (160 points)
I made the same mistake. I contacted studio one support but they didn't tell me when it's going to update to support it. I can't afford the update and now I feel like I'm getting shafted
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answered Feb 14, 2021 by RayIII (180 points)
Yep, same here. Can't even edit a plug-in without the program crashing. Studio One better solve this soon or I'll be moving on to another program; really slowing down some projects I'm working on.
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answered Mar 26, 2021 by tapiopeltokangas (160 points)
Will there be fix for this any time soon? I will switch to Logic Pro if this can only be fixed by upgrading to studio one 5. Studio one 4 already has all the features I need for my projects.
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answered Feb 14, 2022 by bryantroeback2 (140 points)
If you have Studio one 4 pro, the upgrade to Studio One 5 Pro is pretty reasonably priced; especially when it's on sale.