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How can I set up 5.1 surround on my Studio 1824c on Mac os Big Sur

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asked Apr 26, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by samstringer (140 points)
I have been trying to set up 5.1 surround mixing for this movie I am doing sound on but cannot for the life of me figure it out. The issue is the signal appears to be coming out mono in all 5 speakers and the LFE doesn't make any sound. I am using pro tools for this project and have everything set up correctly there as when I pan a signal to each of the 6 speakers it comes up correctly in the channel strip, but I can't hear the change.

I went into my audio midi set up and configured the speakers correctly to 5.1 and have my interface as my output, but still all I get is mono. It seems like the interface could be where the problem is. Is there a setting in Universal Control that I am missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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answered Aug 9, 2021 by jonathanprice3 (240 points)
I'm having the same problem with my Presonus Studio 192 Mobile. What I have deduced at least on my rig is that the "Sets" of speakers are not setup to be anything other than "Studio Pairs" (Main out L&R, Output 1/2, Output 3/4). You can NOT separate them. My DAW as well as UC show the correct channel mapping, but nothing switches.

          From a sonic standpoint, I am hearing Left out of the left. Right out of the right. Center plays out of Left and Center. LEF plays out of Right, Left Surround plays out of Left Front and Right surround out of Right Front. I even have pics showing the correct path is being played, but it's not routed correctly in the interface. UC Needs to have a firmware update supporting Surround if they do it's not easy to figure it out and i have spent at least 10 hours on this topic alone. Hope you get a better answer than I have given you, and good luck.