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Effects open, but not working when added to an electric guitar track.

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asked Nov 20, 2020 in Studio One 5 by flimflam (120 points)
I'm using a tutorial and added an "Electric Guitar" track. I dragged the Ampire effect to the track and cannot get any effect on my guitar. It seems that I can't get any effects to work on the track.
When I click an effects pedal in Ampire at the bottom, the image says, "This effect originates from an earlier version of Studio One".

2 Answers

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answered Nov 21, 2020 by paolospiccia (200 points)
Well I have kind of the same problem sometimes but without receiving any kind of alert message. The only way to solve it is to restart StudioOne. Unfortunately this is not a solution at all since sometimes the problem is present again after a while. Probably this is a bug to be fixed.
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answered Nov 21, 2020 by padraigmcmanamon (140 points)
I'm also looking for a solution / fix here - Effects not working whatsoever whether tuner, ampire whatever. Would appreciate a solution if available.