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s1 crashes after editing

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asked Nov 21, 2020 in Studio One 4 by markusvogl1 (330 points)
hi friends,

i work on a song and just edited some tracks, after editing a mono track (recorded on my own, not out of the library) s1 started to crash all the time.
i did a lot of cuts, copied and pasted a lot but i have no plugins running at the moment.
i already exported the track and imported the new wav file into a new empty track but the problem still exists.
does anyone know why this happens?
my system should be stable, i use no plugins at the moment, my Laptop is half a year old with an i7 processor and 16gb RAM...(win10, 64 bit)
Does S1 get "confused" when i do a lot if cuts, copies and pastes in a track?
it's really no fun at the moment....does anyone know how to fix this?

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