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It has to be made possible to send multiple exports from one song into the Project page

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asked Jun 29, 2021 in Mixing by adarshchandran (5,420 points)
edited Aug 10, 2021 by adarshchandran
Let's say I set up 2 mix scenes in the Song page. Technically this means, from the same song, I want 2 separate mixes sent to one project page for mastering.

Example, Let the first 2 Mixes be called A and B. I send mix A to the Project page for mastering.

I then change the Mix scene in my song page from A to B and send to the same project page.

Instead of creating a separate track adjacent to A in the mastering page, it asks for updating mix A. This means Mix A will be overwritten by Mix B.

Therefore unless we normally export Mix B into a folder and then transfer it onto the project page, the linking between song page and mastering page is only one song and hence, only one mix at a time can be "sent". Studio one thinks by changing the mix scene from A to B, we have edited the song when in fact, we have another mix B which we want to send over to the project page placed adjacent of already sent Mix A instead of overwriting(updating) A.

Another thing is while sending mixes to the project page, I should be able to name the exported files that are being sent to the Project page like regular exporting process.

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