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5.1 or higher , multiple export from project page

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asked Feb 17, 2022 in Studio One 5 by joshuasandoval (120 points)
edited Feb 17, 2022 by joshuasandoval
Feature Request!
Would really love to see 5.1 or higher integration in Studio one. I don't see how its not the best step forward for the Daw. You could easily market entry-level, semi-pro and pro bundles with the 1824c, quantum, eris and other line of studio monitors to compete with other Daw's and speakerbrands. Same goes with the video-payer inside the daw. If 5.1 is added it has to be optimized for working with image. I could bring not only the film guys and netflix to the table, but also serve a great creative and compositional tool. You already have the base built for it to be a beautifull experience.  With the editing capabilities and flexibility of Studio One, drag-drop/midi/composition work-flow and the integration with Notion. Its a dream software suite for bigger projects.  

Also please add an option to multi-export to the diffrent lufs targets available in the newest update of the project page. At least the similar ones like -14 & -16.

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