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midi layers are not properly color marked when comping

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asked Nov 26, 2020 in Studio One 5 by vladmirshamets (180 points)
I  recorded 5 layers of midi data  and when I started comping selecting individual parts from each layers I noticed that  part that I get the region from  would not stay highlighted   so it's not easy to tell what region from which layer went to the main track.  Is it possible to make it more noticeable  like  audio comping ?



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answered Feb 27, 2021 by noahballou (190 points)
Yes please bump this!!! I have a MIDI piano track with like 15 layers and they are ALL greyed out. With normal audio layers its obvious which one is highlighted, but for some reason the MIDI isn't doing anything!
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answered Jun 5, 2021 by gregoroppitz (410 points)
This feature is still not working. And you can't audition the single MIDI takes with the pre-listen tool, because it sets the device to solo and my external Aux is muted.