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replace event with previous layer malfunction when layers are overlapping

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asked Jan 9, 2021 in Studio One 5 by avrahamgaltal-or (430 points)
edited Jan 9, 2021 by avrahamgaltal-or

Newbie to Studio one here. Hello to everyone and thanks for the help in advance.

I am recording and working with layers, which is an amazing feature, but...

when recording myself, I press record about 10 seconds before the actual "recorded part" starts, to get in the vibe & not be troubled by pressing record.

Due to this habit of mine, which is here to stay, I have an annoying problem when using the "replace event with previous/next layer" key shortcuts, due to the fact that the beginning of the events on the right (Blue) overlap the events on the left events (green) or even due to some takes not recorded at the same length.


When I change the layers via these shortcut, in case the next layer is too short, or overlaps with the next recording, the chosen layer automatically changes the length of the event being comped, as you see here:

And does not return back, ever! (unless I manually do it)

1. How can I adjust this setting so that the event being comped (Changing layers) with not change unless I manually change it.

2. It would also be REALLY useful to be able to choose/edit/delete an event (or even specific/multiple events) at once in the layers and not the track.

same as possible in cubase:

***Sorry for the long explanation***



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