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Studio One 5 Acceleration time for Rotor

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asked Nov 29, 2020 in Studio One 5 by Michello (160 points)
Hi there, just updated from SOne 4 to 5 and was blown away. Up to now i only miss one feature to define the time it will take between rotor low speed and high speed....there is no pot or anything else to vary the time the rotor needs to change in between the both speeds. If i change from slow to fast the sound will change immediately, which sounds unnatural in a way. My old fashioned analog original leslies (16 and 860) need little time when switching from low speed to fast speed due to the mechanical and physical layout of the motors. But it is very nice and it gives godd vibes when switching from one speed to the other.

To my opinion a small problem which can be solved easily...and the rotor will become „first class“.

Other than mentioned before....blown away....keep on your good work!

Cheers, Michello from Cologne, Germany

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