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SOLVED! : Missing information on bottom-left of Studio One 5 information bar (Info that shows up for other users)

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asked Feb 22, 2021 in Studio One 5 by roberttrede (3,150 points)
edited Feb 23, 2021 by roberttrede

Greetings All...

I have noticed for most Studio One videos on YouTube that some pieces of useful information are displayed in the far bottom-left corner of the Studio One window. Namely other people seem to have "Sample Rate", "Record Max" and "Seconds" displayed on the far left of the bottom information panel. I seem to be missing those bits of information.

Here is what I see on other people's screens (Sorry for the poor resolution):

Here is what my own system displays, however. Notice the "Sample Rate", "Record Max" and "Seconds information is missing:

Why can I not see those three pieces of information? How do I add them to the far-left of the bottom info bar?

Thank you!

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answered Feb 22, 2021 by lbolen (960 points)
selected Feb 23, 2021 by roberttrede
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I looked for an hour in the manual and online and could not find a reason it's not showing...even looked through some .settings files on the program directory and could not find a reference to the modules that aren't showing.

Then, had a brain-storm...what resolution are you displaying your program on (what is your monitor resolution set to?)

My thought is perhaps if your on a laptop or running with a smaller resolution than say, 1920x1080, then the program shows less on the Song Page?

Just a suggestion; hope it is a fix for you.

[ps...I just reduced my program size to a small window and those modules disappeared, but reappeared when I resized the program back to full screen]
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answered Feb 23, 2021 by roberttrede (3,150 points)
edited Feb 23, 2021 by roberttrede

@ lbolen

Well, I’ll be darned. I never dreamed this could be a screen resolution issue, as I already have a very high 2160X1440 screen resolution and 150% size (both factory recommendations) as my display settings.

I did run into this issue in the past when I lowered the resolution and/or increased the magnification size in Studio One. Those actions did indeed cause things to disappear from that bottom info bar. That’s why I returned the settings back to my computer’s factory default settings. I never dreamed that even these very "fine" factory settings would not be “small enough”.

That’s actually one of my few beefs I actually have with Studio One. That is, the font size of menu and information items is so small that seeing them (with my +50 year old eyes) on my 13” laptop is virtually impossible. In fact, even using my 24” monitor pushes the limit on viewing information on the screen.

Anyway, just for “the sake of science”, I tested your theory. Since the 2160X1440 resolution was already as “fine” as I could make it, my only choice for the test was to lower the magnification to 100% (from the factory default 150%). The 100% size was the lowest allowable… And guess what? Those missing items came back!

Granted, at that magnification, the Studio One interface is absolutely impossible to read, but at least I now know the root cause of the issue. I don’t know of any other way to edit the sample rate… do you? Going to “Options” and “Audio Device” displays the sample rate but does not allow it to be edited there. So if I need to edit the sample rate, I can temporarily set the screen magnification to 100%, then return it to 150% when finished. This is a “work-around”, however, not a solution.


I found yet another work-around. If I grab the Studio One white banner at the top of its window and drag it down just a little (and perhaps a bit to the right so part of the right margin disappears off screen, I can then grab the left edge of the window and stretch it out until those missing 3 items show up in the bottom info bar. That allow me to do whatever I need to do with the three missing items (such as adjusting the sample rate. Once done I can then maximize the window size again. Those three items will again be "missing" but at least I know how to get to them now. Additionally, I discovered if I want to adjust the sample rate without messing with window size, I can leave the window size untouched but go to the top drop-down menu, select "Song/Song Setup" and adjust the sample rate there as well.

I guess it’s time I file a feature request with Presonus, asking that they come up with a way to access all menu and information items with larger fonts. Perhaps a drop-down menu showing all options as check boxes on that lower display bar would do the trick.

Thanks again for your thoughtful solution, lbolen. Thumbs up!