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Crash/hang issues with EastWest PLAY 6.1.9

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asked Dec 1, 2020 in Studio One 5 by joestallings1 (160 points)

For the past several months, I have been having considerable issues with the EastWest PLAY 6 VST (both VST2 and VST3). Approximately nine times out of ten, when I drag the VST onto a track in a fresh project, Studio One ( Win x64, but I've had the same issue with previous versions of Studio One) will become unresponsive, and I have to kill the process in Task Manager. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PLAY 6 several times. 

Anyone else having similar issues with PLAY? 



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answered May 4, 2021 by charlesbarfoot (140 points)
I have been having the same issue of Play 6 freezing while opening on my MacBook Pro while using it in the Fishman Tripleplay app. All other synths open and close just fine. When Play 6 crashes I have to “force quite” as waiting for it to respond doesn’t work. When I reopen the app the presets are missing. Rescanning  for plugins in the options section restores the Play 6 and then it reworks reliably as long as the app stays open. I have many plugins (including UAD) so this takes a while. I use the app while recording but would not consider using it live because it could lock up at any time. I was hoping an update would fix this. This hasn’t happened yet. It sure would be great if someone could answer why this is happening.