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Keyswitches from Notion 6 to Studio One 5 don't transfer.

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asked Dec 1, 2020 in Notion by wesleypeterson (20,890 points)
When using the 'Send to Studio One' feature in Notion 6 to send to Studio One Pro 5 (I'm using Windows10), I can't get the key switches sent. It doesn't matter if I choose to 'Send Score' or 'Send Midi', all the information from custom rules isn't sent. I can think of work arounds, redoing all the key switches in studio one for every track on every song( yikes, huge time sink), or dividing up all the articulations to be on their own track (pretty tedious). Do I need to redo all my rules to use CC's instead of key switches or will that be a huge waste of my time? Is this just a huge over sight by PreSonus? Any help would be fantastic, thank you.

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answered Dec 3, 2020 by wesleypeterson (20,890 points)
Just in case this helps someone. I've found that if you change your custom rules from key switches to CC's and change the synth from keyswitches to CC's (save your synth settings, BBC SO doesn't get opened when sending to Studio One so I had to go back and save them), Notion 6 will send the Notion rules data to Studio One (I think I had to turn automation on for the articulation switching to work, but I'm still getting things set up/ worked out.) It's not as easy to work with in Studio One but it's a lot better than nothing.
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answered Jan 3, 2021 by [email protected] (660 points)

I encountered the same.  Via another answer, I learned that if I changed my rules so that keyswitches were set to "Automatically Send Note Off", then the keyswitches would be exported to Studio One from Notion, hurrah!!!  My rules previously were set to "Only send note on".

If you have loads of rules and are directly updating the .prules files, this setting appears to be an additional option in the <setup> tag:


     <velocity-map id="VELO"/>

     <hairpin-map id="HAIR"/>

     <hairpin-cc value="1"/>

     <send-keyswitch-off value="true"/>


Hope it helps -- I'm anxious to use this feature that I've never managed to get going before :) :) :)