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Recording by using Yamaha MG12XU Usb mixer

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asked Dec 6, 2020 in Studio One 5 by stefangrasmussen (160 points)
Hi I do struggle with a recording problem, in the connection with StudioOne 5 and Yamaha MG12XU Usb mixer.

I have setup several songs with finished backing tracks, and now need to do some vokal recording. But when recording I can't seperate the backing from the Microphone vokal input???

Also I feel - when doing a separate vokal recording - that the level is very week, even it goes 100 % from the Yamaha MG12XU USB cable connected mixer.

Another observation are, that the in the >option< >Audio device< - There are only one "Audio Device" and NOT as shown in the StudioOne 5 manual, a Playback Device and a Recording Device???

My question an need for assistance are therefore:

Have anybody got the Yamaha MG12XU USB mixer to work properly with the Persons StudioOne 5?

If you have... HOW?

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