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Using Studio One 5 makes my USB-Interface unusable by all other applications. Please Help!

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asked Aug 4, 2020 in Studio One 5 by maximilianteschner (120 points)
Hi all,

I was trying out a few other DAWs and Studio One is the only one where this happens.

Whenever I open Studio One, i can not play anything else, may it be Youtube Videos, Netflix, everything that also uses audio. I also tried checking the box where it says allow other applications to use the interface too, but it doesnt really help.

I have the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 1 Interface.

I am using Windows 10.

Anyone who can help me out here?

Its really annoying especially if youre just learning stuff and have to watch loads of youtube tutorials and stuff...

Oh and the only thing that worked is closing S1 and replugging my interface. But who does wana do that everytime.


1 Answer

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answered Aug 5, 2020 by davebeacon (1,080 points)

Make sure this box is not checked. It should help.