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I recently upgraded from S1-2 to S1-3 and in the process I lost a lot of FX presets. How do I get them back?

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asked Mar 4, 2016 in Studio One 3 by joshuahickman (220 points)
Specifically, I'm most concerned with the open Air presets.

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answered May 1, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,340 points)
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Sorry to hear you are experiencing this. Please reset your Studio One Settings:

1.  Go to Help>Open Settings folder.

2.  Copy the contents of the folder over to a folder on your desktop.

3.  Close S1 and delete the contents of the settings folder with the exception of the user.license file as well as the "Extensions" folder.

4.  Open S1 and go to Studio One>Options (Preferences on a Mac) to reconfigure your settings.

5.  Test to see if the problem is resolved.  If it is not, please feel free to copy your settings files back over from the backup that you created in step 2.  

*If you are missing presets or Sound Sets after doing this, simply double-click one of your Sound Sets under Documents>Studio One>Sound Sets.