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Same issue not resolved

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asked Dec 14, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by timothypayne3 (160 points)
I have a Dell XPS 15 system 32 gig ram. I have the same popping and clicking issue. I have used Studio One 5 Artist and Cakewalk Sonar Platinum. I disabled the C-State in the bios. No changes. I connected my old RME Fireface 800 using a StarTech Thunderbolt 3 to Firewire Adapter 1394 FireWire External PCIe Enclosure with no problems. I am trying to upgrade to a Thunderbolt 3 interface because the StarTech enclosure has a noisy fan. I am very disappointed in the Quantum 2626. I will be returning the Quantum 2626 back to the vendor soon.
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answered Dec 14, 2020 by sjehqtrp (140 points)
I have a  problem by setup the program and recording
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answered Dec 14, 2020 by aka_busker (32,870 points)
Hi there.

Have you tried different block sizes?  I have Presonus Studio 192 interface and if I am using a virtual instrument I get pops and clicks running anything less than a block size of 512.  I tend to use a higher block size of 1024.  You should be able to change these settings via the Universal Control software or when you go into the settings while Studio one is open.  On Windows, from the start page click "configure audio Device". Once the options are in front of you then you need to select Audio Setup and audio device.   (If you're on Mac, I cant help any further.  

Also, while I think of it make sure you're not connecting the audio device to a Thunderbolt hub, but using a Thunderbolt connected directly to the motherboard.
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answered Dec 14, 2020 by timothypayne3 (160 points)
Thanks! I will try this. This happens no matter what I am working on.