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Quantum 4848 sound output issue and not possible to route output different than 1-2.

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asked Feb 15, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by matteobogoni1 (140 points)

I have 2 Issue

I cant route an output on macosx 10.14.6 different than outpout 1-2, if itry to test it with a test futtons it works just for the test noise, no audio comes from the app anthe system.

I solve it using loopback and sonarworks and redirect sonarworks output to a different than out 1-2.

But still impossible to set as main audio Quantum 4848 on Macosx sound preferences and set different output than 1-2.

The second issue is no sound comes out to the speakers but the interface is working and the meter are working.

Thisi is very frustrating to me because I spend every day trying to solve the problems and I cant concentrate on my job.



The second issue

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