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Issue in SO 6.5: Chase long midi notes stop working on chords after some measure, same for listen tool in midi editor

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asked Dec 14, 2023 in MIDI Editing by TommasoScarabino (250 points)
reshown Dec 19, 2023 by TommasoScarabino

Hello, I'm trying Studio One before decide to buy it.

Today I'm experimenting that the Chase long midi notes feature does not works for midi that contain more layered notes (chords) but play only the lower note, this happens after some measure, if I play from start of measure tre are no problems. In the meantime the song go on, the problem appears.

The problem is the same for listen tool in midi editor

I have a lot to love about this software but this is a mai feature for midi orchestral programming, any fixing on the roadmap?


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