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Is there a way to playback audio whilst a track is armed/monitoring?

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asked Dec 17, 2020 in Studio One 5 by hazeldean (500 points)
Just wondering if it's possible to play back recorded audio on a track whilst that track is still armed? I currently need to disable monitoring to listen to something I just did, then wait around for however long it takes to reactivate monitoring in order to redo a take, or have a separate track to drag and drop the audio into but it's all time added unnecessarily.  Reaper just plays the recorded track audio by default while armed.



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answered Nov 20, 2022 by tothrec (31,660 points)

This is exactly the issue I'm trying to solve.

Just for clarification:  as it is now, you cannot hear events on a track that has Input Monitoring enabled.

How the heck do they expect us to do punch-ins when we've configured the recording session with Input Monitoring?