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Tape Style monitoring should not allow monitoring when the Monitor button is OFF

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asked Feb 16, 2020 in Recording by tothrec (31,840 points)
The Advanced Option "audio track monitoring mutes playback (Tape style)" appears to affect multiple aspects of monitoring.

As such it is confusing and does things we aren't asking for.

If it performed as labeled, the only thing it would affect (when enabled) would be that you would not hear the playback.

What it also does, is enable monitoring of an Armed track for which Monitoring is not enabled.  This is bad.

My Requests:

1. provide a full-featured "green Z" monitoring solution (the current implementation does not allow for overdubbing)
   a. The artist needs to be able to hear themselves both during the original tracking as well as during overdubs
   b. The artist needs to be able to hear their previous take during pre-roll

2. Split the "tape style" option into the various behaviors it currently controls and name them clearly.

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