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Option to disable record arm while keeping input monitoring

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asked Mar 19, 2018 in Recording by markrobotham (2,620 points)
As title suggests. Please make an option to disable the automatic arm recording of a track when selected, but keep monitoring enabled. Current options seem to be all or nothing. Often I find myself accidentally recording over other tracks.

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answered May 21, 2018 by AlexTinsley (764,470 points)
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answered Mar 26, 2018 by robertgray3 (26,000 points)
Hi there! I think this could be useful but I’m still trying to understand the situation- what input would you be monitoring if record is not enabled/armed on the track?
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answered Mar 26, 2018 by markrobotham (2,620 points)
Hi Robert, it`s actually a nightmare when you have lots of soft synth tracks. Soft synths need input monitoring engaged for you to hear playback from a master keyboard. Sometimes you just want to loop over a section and just play, to get melody ideas etc.  You click on a track and it automatically arms for recording, but if you turn that option off it disables input monitoring as well, there is no in between, that I can find anyway. Yeah sure you can do it manually every time you change tracks, but it`s extra steps.  As a former Sonar users I personally find it annoying.
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answered Mar 26, 2018 by robertgray3 (26,000 points)
Ah I see now. So essentially what you're looking for would either be covered by an option in the arrange window Option menu under "Selection" called "Monitoring follows selection." I can get behind that.
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answered Mar 26, 2018 by markrobotham (2,620 points)
Ideally yes :-)
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answered Jul 15, 2018 by ozinga (770 points)
This is bothering me since the beginning. Especially a problem with midi tracks. I start an audio recording Vocal guitar etc and later I realize that a midi/vst track is armed and recording too. Maybe an option to record only on the focused track or automatically change the unselected track to input only. Or combine  audio /midi rec state. If I rec arm an audio track disarm any midi track too. I don't know. Logic seems to do it well.