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What is Tobias Erichsen Virtual MIDI in program files

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asked Dec 17, 2020 in MyPreSonus Questions by redbaron1 (380 points)
I have a file Tobias Erichsen in C:/Program Files. When I open it I get teVirtualMIDI. Is this a part of Studio One? I dont ever recall seeing it before. Anyone know of this program. A search turns up ambiguous stuff about DAWs and MIDI setups.

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answered Dec 18, 2020 by wesleypeterson (14,270 points)
I have the driver in system32 and 64WOW. But I don't have it in Program Files. It is just a program/ driver to create midi ports and names dynamically that can be also be destroyed at any time. So that only used ports exist. Unused midi ports would just waste resources for no reason, shouldn't be much though.

I would assume the Program Files install isn't from Presonus as there is a SDK available. So if Presonus wanted to include it, it wouldn't need it's own Program Files entry. So I would guess it's related to a fake synth controller, a QWERTY to midi soft keyboard or a plugin. The drivers combined take up less than 1MB of hard drive space on my machine so I'm going to leave it alone. But you could always uninstall it and see what breaks, then reinstall that program. I would strongly recommend making a windows backup first. It's probably not be needed, but it sucks to have to set things up because you were curious.
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answered Dec 25, 2020 by aka_busker (28,010 points)
The above is incorrect and inaccurate.  The Tobias Erichsen remote midi server is used by, as far as I am aware (based on experience), the remote app. ##### Well, that is what is was programmed by Tobias for - virtual/remote midi control protocol over WiFi.  It is something you needed installed to run an android app called Touch DAW (no longer supported at last check) which was available on Google Play.  Touch DAW does what the Presonus Remote app does but with extended midi instrument functionality.  My advice is to leave it alone.  It uses very few resources and what it enables you to do is worth the memory/storage cost.  It is megabytes only.  It won't break anything other than the Presonus remote control app if you remove it.  Again, don't remove it.  It gets reinstalled at every install of Universal Control and you will need to uninstall it every update.  Here is the official website to the work done by Tobias, with more explanation ##### ####