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closed Studio One 3: What is the proper way to save and load MIDI pitch name (.pitchlist) files in separate folders?

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asked Feb 17, 2018 in Studio One 3 by waynerose1 (3,740 points)
closed Feb 18, 2018 by waynerose1

Herre' the problem I'm having:

Let's say I created an Abbey Road 50's pitch names file from scratch in the Pitch Name Editor, and wanted it to live in the same Pitch Names directory sub folder as the rest of my Abbey Road pitch names files. First, I have to save the AR 50s.pitchlist file to the top level of my Pitch Names folder (no choice about that as far as I can tell). Then I have to copy the file to my Abbey Road folder, and then delete the version I initially saved, and drag it from the Abbey Road folder into the Pitch Name Editor once more. The sub folders don't appear within the pitch names app.

(Edit: the above method is not the correct protocol. I've been over complicating it.

Obviously, there's some understanding I'm missing. What is the correct protocol for accessing sub folders of the Pitch Names directory? Has anyone sorted this out? If so, please enlighten me..

It would probably be best if the directory structure could be accessed from within the Pitch Name Editor, instead of just the browser.

(Edit: It can. I got the answer from sunmachine's blog, here:

His tutorial had been uploaded to the Presonus Knowledgebase, but the following important line was omitted:

"If new presets don’t show up in the Pitch Name Editor, just click on the Re-Index Presets button at the Home tab of the Studio One Browser.")

So just create your drum map from scratch in the Pitch Name Editor. Save it. Put it in your sub folder of choice. Re-index your presets in the Studio One browser. And the sub folder will appear in the Pitch Name Editor.

Thanks sunmachine 

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