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Newbie beat/tempo mapping (using transient analysis) question.

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asked Mar 7, 2016 in Studio One 3 by tomdaigon (210 points)

Newbie beat mapping question. Bands give me a wav file of a song that I need to create a tempo map for. Logic would do a beat/transient analysis then allow me to slide tempo track points to the mapped transients. After lots of research I dont see anything as sophisticated as this for Studio One. There is on video that requires me to manually go thru the song and find the transients on the beats then slice the file at that point and then grab the tempo point nearest and slide it to the transient. Kind of slow and primitive. Any suggestions?

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answered Mar 7, 2016 by RyanRoullard (430 points)
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answered Mar 7, 2016 by tomdaigon (210 points)

YES! Most excellent. Way better then the Logic approach. Another confirmation that after 20 years with Logic, this was a great time to switch to Studio One. Thanks!!!

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answered Aug 14, 2017 by mickedge (290 points)
That video assumes you have at least Melodyne Editor....which is not included with S1. I'd be happy to find reliable & accurate info on how to tempo map in S1 without Melodyne....even if its primitive. After 1 week of extensive searching & watching videos on the subject, i am now convinced it is either not possible or the authors of the videos have left out a critical step. I have asked for help on the forum, i haven't had  reply...
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answered Dec 23, 2018 by naqashameen (150 points)
edited Dec 27, 2018 by naqashameen

My friend bought a MPC2500 and he is having troubles trying to set the tempo of loops before putting the loop into an order. It would be very helpful if someone out there can give some suggestions regarding this issue. I was also looking into this matter because I wanted to help him, so one day I was browsing and I found something similar where somebody used a MPC 2000XL and there was a function through which you are permitted to loop a beat, then the MPC200xl will also show you the beat of the loop.

Also note it that he wasn’t time stretch it not to change the pitch. He just wanted to find out the beat of a loop or break once you have set the start and end points properly. Maybe the same could work for MPC2500. You have also this option to find the beat of a loop by putting the loop to a pad in the program page and then discontinuing and opening the machine on your own till the sample fits according to the beat. You can also know about it by trying the tap the button for finding a tempo. I also tapped the tempo on this tool ( to verify the exact bpm of the track. Going back to the sample, you are supposed to play the sample and press the tap tempo. By doing this you would be able to get a bit idea of setting the tempo. Also make it sure that your TRIM MODE has an unbroken loop.