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Tempo Mapping - Set Measure Beat at now

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asked Feb 18, 2021 in Editing by rolandsippel (1,390 points)

ISSUE: You currently can't change the Tempo or set a Measure Beat at now for Locked SMPTE Markers (Arrangers) to get these Markers (Arrangers) on the Up- or Downbeat (Beatmapping). This is an essential and common Workflow for scoring to picture.

In Cubase Pro it is called: "Time Warp Tool"
In Digital Performer it is called: "Find Tempo"'
In Pro Tools it is called: "Beat Marker"'
In Logic Pro X it is called: "Tempo Curve"
In Sonar/Cakewalk it is called: "Set Measure/Beat at Time Now"

S1 Solution 1: Goto Marker (Arrangers): Open a Dialog-Box: Set Measure Beat at: 3 Beat: 1.00 or drag and drop the Measure 3.4.1 Line to Measure 3 and S1 calculate the Tempo for this (Screenshot below).

Solution 2: Create a Tempo Curve Dialog with locked SMPTE-Timecode or Position (Screenshot below).

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answered Feb 19, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (243,900 points)
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answered Feb 19, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (243,900 points)
Good idea. Voted.
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answered Aug 5, 2021 by taylorscott2 (3,890 points)
Voted. But did you know in the tempo lane, hover your mouse under the tempo line, hold CTRL (or CMD) and drag from a bar to your marker and it places the marker right on the bar, altering the tempo before it.
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answered Aug 7, 2021 by rolandsippel (1,390 points)

Okay, thanks. Yes, i use this currently as a workaround, but in a ~ 5-Minute Film Cue with dozens of Markers it's not efficient, and you have Time Jumps, because Solution 2: Create a smooth Tempo Curve Dialog is not possible...