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Better tools for sync bars with timecode e.g. Beat Map and Tempo Operation

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asked Dec 4, 2017 in Look and Feel by felipeayres (340 points)
Hello, In Pro Tools or Logic we have the ability to calculate tempo changes to sync a downbeat to a specific frame using tempo operation. Logic has as well beat map where you can drag the beat to a specific frame.

Studio one is amazing and I'm really looking forward to make the switch. But it is a bit more difficult to sync cues properly since the only way I found out how to do it is by manually automating the tempo track, but since the beat ruler is not updated until I release the tempo line, it can get very time consuming.

All in all, I would love to see tempo map, and that the ruler could be update while I'm moving the tempo line, and not only when I release it. That way we would be able to see how far we still need to go for the beat to line up with the marker on the frame.

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answered Dec 4, 2017 by Skip Jones (163,300 points)
selected May 22, 2018 by AlexTinsley
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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