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What mode do I set up Faderport 16 in Acid 10 pro?

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asked Dec 27, 2020 in FaderPort 16 by geoffcole (190 points)
Acid seems to have a Prosonus Faderport Drive already there, but it does not recognize the Faderport 16, so I am stuck.

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answered Jan 27 by gwlxspav (360 points)
edited Feb 25 by gwlxspav
By this user Geoffcole's question, I have same question to ask... I also got my question as a separate thread.

I have FaderPort1 V2, and I wanted to let it work with Magix Acid or Magix Vegas since both of software have FaderPort Driver in their External Control And Automation option. But it does not work, and I can't add it with FaderPort Driver said device not detected. I set FaderPort V2 to Mackie Control mode, and selected it as Mackie Control device in Acid, it responds but the control mapping is chaotic. I can't find a way to workaround like making FaderPort V2 work in FaderPort Classic mode. And I can't register FaderPort DLL plugin directly.
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answered Jan 27 by geoffcole (190 points)
Magix didn't seem to have an answer either.  I love the Faderport 16 so much, I switched to Studio One after using ACID for 10 years!
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answered Feb 25 by gwlxspav (360 points)
I can confirm FaderPort1 V2 does not work with Magix Acid, but FaderPort Classic truly does, because I have both models of them and tested personally. Yeah I am considering move to Studio One too because PreSonus provides exclusive Atom controller.