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UC not connecting to my StudioLive 24.4.2 AI

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asked Jan 1, 2021 in Ai Mixers by petercorbett1 (140 points)

Again and again and for no apparent reason, UC loses its connection to my SL 24.4.2 AI. I have repeatedly asked about the problem in Support and am always told to check my connectors/adapters and to locate and switch off any firewall settings which might be getting in the way. Yesterday it was connected during the day but when I switched off the Mac and came back later to do some recording, it had lost it again. I purchased a 2018 MacBook (4 x USB-C slotsindecision) just last year in January and since about the middle of the year (Catalina) things started to deteriorate. Now, to be honest, I consider myself lucky when it all hooks up. To sum up, I've done everything I've been told, have all the right connectors, and still this keeps happening. One cannot help but feel that a discontinued products (SLAI 24.4.2) his synonymous with discontinued support and interest. Anyone got a reliable (or any) procedure for curing this? Anyone else having this kind of experience?

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