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Microview: Song overview for INSTANT navigation!

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asked Mar 30 in Editing by Michael1985 (12,690 points)

If your song has many tracks, is long and complex, the navigation in Studio One through your song is not that easy and fast anymore, even with shortcuts, macros, toggle view, song markers/arranger events a.s.o.

The solution would be a song overview panel below or above the arranger view, where you can see the whole song and the window where youir actual position is.

You can drag the position window in the song micro view around and click on another song area for INSTANT access to another position inside the song. The clue: If you are zoomed in, you can also navigate vertically with the actual zoom level to any position without zooming out or the more coarse navigation with song markers or arranger events.

Some features for this could be(brainstorming, ideas):

-setting up to maybe 10 points in the song overview where you can jump to them with a keyboard shortcut or macro. The horizontal&vertical zoom level and position of it is saved with them.(for specific locations where you edit more often and you need fast access to)

-drag and drop events to another song position could be much better if you just change the song position with the event dragged on the micro view and you are at your destination to drop your events!

This feature is useful for EVERY Studio One user!

It is really helpful and really good!

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