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Sub8 on/off power

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asked Jan 4, 2021 in Temblor Series by brandonsilva3 (120 points)
What’s up, I just purchased the new presonus sub8, and I was wondering if it has a sleep mode or it is suppose to be on all the time ?
I dont use the speakers/sub all day long just occasionally and bending down under my desk to power the sub on/off everytime is very annoying. I saw that the t8, t10 have the footpedal power off/on, so I was wondering what’s the case with the sub8? The only thing I could think of was plugging the sub into one of those “smart plugs” so I can power it off using the app on my phone/or with Alexa. If anyone has any knowledge about this with other subs/Setups please chime in. Thanks!

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answered Jun 10, 2021 by ericbyers (380 points)
Since no one has answered yet, I will as I just purchased a sub8 as well.  It appears that to save costs, Presonus did not include a sleep mode with the Sub 8.  The t8 and 10 as you noted do have a sleep mode.  As you really don't want to leave the sub on all the time, you will need to do as you have thought - a smart plug or a power strip that you need to remember to turn off when you aren't using the sub.