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CC 32 formated values

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asked Jan 5, 2021 in MIDI Editing by TheFlowerKings (1,120 points)
Since I own a Moog One I frequently use cc 32 in conjunction with cc 0 and program change to switch between different "performance sets" within the Moog.

Now with that being said, it´s really hard to pinpoint a precise value, since cc 32 in Studio One is in a sort of "floating value" with many fine increments. If I compare it to Logic Pro, cc 32 is handled in steps like 1, 2, 3 ... a.s.o. So with Logic Pro, it´s much easier to get an exact value for the desired performance set.

Would it be possible to change cc 32 into a more user friendly format? If not, I´m curios about why?


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answered Jan 5, 2021 by rickaustin (220 points)

I have the same issue.  The Controller Dialog box for use with Midi Devices has knobs that are percentage rather than 0-127. This does not map correctly 1 to 1 with the midi message sent.
For example when I set the knob to 1.00 a 1 is sent. When its 2.00 the midi value sent is 3 rather than 2. A value of 3.00 sends 4 and 4.00 sends 5. 5.00 sends 6 but 6.00 sends the value 8.  When the knob is 100, 127 is sent.  It is extremely hard to know what is being sent in regards to the midi documentation for our devices.  I hope Presonus becomes more aware of this need.