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Track Automation - 'Add/Remove' "User Presets", & MIDI CC "User Presets"

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asked Mar 2, 2022 in MIDI Editing by justincrosby (1,920 points)

It would be incredibly helpful if there were 'user presets' for automation. Having to add/remove all the time is an enormous time ****** depending on how many instruments or tracks someone may work with. It also seems awfully outdated, and redundant to have to constantly use the add/remove window for automation. (IMO automation is one of Studio One's weakest areas).

What do I mean specifically by 'user presets'?

If settings made in the "Add/Remove" automation lanes window could be saved as automation templates. 

USE CASE 1: Editing CCs is sometimes (often IMO) easier using automation lanes. If someone is working on a project with tons of tons of CC1 modulation automation it can be useful to create lanes for these, then edit CCs in the automation lanes vs in the editor. (This also brings the benefit of allowing the user to keep the MIDI editor uncluttered with CC lanes, allowing them to have more real estate for note editing).

Even for moments where its preferable to use the MIDI editor, it still seems kind of strange that the user cannot re-order automation lanes, or create a preferred set of default CCs (which of course could be modified whenever needed). 

In orchestral writing for example users will always need lanes for CC1, CC1, and often CC 7. Not only would these lanes always be visible by default, they could also be the 1st available CC lanes. This is a common example of when/where/why specific users may prefer to create a default CC setting, which again, they can simply modify whenever needed... Multiple presets would also allow them to tailor CC lanes to specific instruments....

USE CASE 2: There are certain types of automation that can be common.... EQ or filter moves for example... If the user is consistently using specific plugins for EQ, filter, (or anything else...), it would be easier for them to create lanes by simply loading the relevant "user preset". 

E.G. They prefer Pro-Q3, and even have a default setting they start with... They also prefer S1's Autofilter, and have a customized default setting... 'User Automation Presets' would allows them to setup the lanes they automate most often, once the plugins are loaded they simply load the preset instead of having to manually setup the (cumbersome) Add/Remove window.

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answered Mar 12, 2022 by mkizilos (280 points)
Better means of adding and editing cc lanes in the editor view would be very helpful for what I am trying to do—VE Pro with VSL Synchron Player instruments. These instruments use many cc lanes for each instance, and when loaded through VE Pro, each player is on a separate midi channel, which makes for a lot of scrolling to add midi ccs…scrolling to find 1-12-2 for example, involves carpal-tunnel-inducing mousing…especially when you have many tracks and 5+ lanes to add for each one. If anyone has a workaround that I am missing, please let me know. Being able to create a pre-set for midi cc lanes to add by instrument or even as blanket preset for all tracks (I could edit my synchron settings in VE Pro once) would be fantastic.