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FaderPort 8 seems to lose connection during sessions? Help?

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asked Jan 10 in FaderPort 8 by markholley (160 points)

I can’t seem to find an answer here - FaderPort 8 loses connectivity all the time while in S1 Pro, 5.1. Everything is updated and current, and FaderPort is connected directly to Mac.

Any ideas?



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answered Jan 14 by davebeacon (960 points)
My faderport 8 does the same. it seems to happen more when saving (ctrl-s) or adding plugins, also when it auto saves. I am not sure if it has something to do with where i am saving ( i have an external hard drive where i save everything) but there doesn't seem to be an answer anywhere. Sorry this isn't an answer either, but maybe if the techs see this enough they may look into it. I have also tried different usb slots to no avail. I am on a 64bit windows comp and everything is fully up to date as well.