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i9 16 core and Studio One (latest Version)

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asked Jan 11 in Studio One 5 by pbright (940 points)
I'm trying to optimize this i9 intel 16 core cpu with studio one.   Should I enable hyper threading in the bios.. or is it better just to have it turned off for Studio One.   Are there benefits, side effects..etc..  Thanks

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answered Jan 15 by pbright (940 points)
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It appears to not be Studio One or Studio live directly.  Its UAD, which I use.  Three satellites for dsp on the UAD plugins used in the project.  UAD Plugins don't like hyperthreading.   They urge users to turn that off.  This project has a number of UAD plugins, so that might explain it.   The uad plugins riddle across the project are erroring out thus no sound is making it to the master bus and some meters are not showing movement.    UAD plugins also randomly lockup Studio One when hyperthreading is on.   This seems to be the reason...bummer since I'm not at this point giving up using my UAD plugins...
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answered Jan 14 by pbright (940 points)
edited Jan 14 by pbright

I guess my system has decide for me.   If I turn on hyper threading in bios, reboot then in Studio one I lose audio.    Turn it off in bios and it comes back on.   My audio interface is the Studio Live 32S.   ok this is weird.   I've done this three times.. on and off in bios ..reboot, rinse repeat.  Why is it doing this.. lol.   Bios is the latest Asus offers for the motherboard 3301.    Hyperthreading to 32 core would be nice.

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answered Jan 14 by aka_busker (24,600 points)
Hi.  Not sure I can be much help but, I am more sure than not that hyper threading should be causing this issue you are experiencing.  I use an i9 (9900k) with hyper threading enabled and don't experience the issues you are.  There's even a touch of an overclock.  Have you made sure you are using the most up to date bios for your motherboard, with the most recent drivers for your chipset?  Some motherboards will let you flash the bios from inside the UEFI set up.  (My Asus z390-f does an internet bios update from inside UEFI screen.)  I am not referring to the drivers that came on dvd with your system, but the updated version direct from the manufacturer's website.  ###### The fact that you can run S1 on the 8 cores isn't too much of a performance loss.  From what I have read there maybe a modest 30 - 40% increase in performance over having it switched off.  It depends on how Studio One allocates their cpu resources, and Presonus are keeping that stuff private and rightfully so!