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EZDrummer 2 Studio one artist 4

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asked Jan 13 in Studio One 5 by jaysonraines (160 points)
Hi guys. Simple question but cant seem to get a 100% yes or no so any help would be great. I have Studio one artist 4 (latest version I want to get Toontracks EZDrummer 2 , I dont want to upgrade my version of Studio one so if I buy VST and AU and Rewire from the Presonus site , will EZDrummer then work in my version. Many thanks for any any responses.

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answered Jan 13 by matthewritenburg (13,510 points)
selected Jan 13 by jaysonraines
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Have you taken into consideration that the upgrade to Studio One 5 Artist from Studio One 4 Artist is $49, and the VST/AU add on for Studio One 4 Artist is $79?  Both options will allow you to run EZ Drummer.  Based on price, it seems that upgrading to Studio One 5 Artist is the better option.