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hyperthreading turns off audio in Studio One

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asked Jan 14 in Studio One 5 by pbright (1,020 points)
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I've got the strangest issue.   If I go into my Asus Bios x299 deluxe board and turn on Hyperthread, reboot then go into studio one, load the project my sound for the project turns off.   Even the meter display are only playing on like 1 track of 20.

I exit turn off the machine, go back into bios turn hyperthreading off, restart...go into Studio One, load same project with no changes.. and audio is back, meters are showing movement like expected.   Bios on the machine is the latest asus offers, 3301    My sound card is a Studio Live s32.   I'm confused to why this is doing this..   My cpu is a i9 7960x 16 core.  Thanks.  Would really like to double that using hyper threading and reach 32 core.    I can replicate this each time.   

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answered Jan 15 by pbright (1,020 points)
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It appears to not be Studio One or Studio live directly.  Its UAD, which I use.  Three satellites for dsp on the UAD plugins used in the project.  UAD Plugins don't like hyperthreading.   They urge users to turn that off.  This project has a number of UAD plugins, so that might explain it.   The uad plugins riddle across the project are erroring out thus no sound is making it to the master bus and some meters are not showing movement.    UAD plugins also randomly lockup Studio One when hyperthreading is on.   This seems to be the reason...bummer since I'm not at this point giving up using my UAD plugins...