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Faderport 8 faders don't control plugin parameters proportionally in protools

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asked Jan 14, 2021 in FaderPort 8 by cameronolver (120 points)
I'm new to both the faderport and protools, however, I've used the same device in Ableton and Logic without issue. I can navigate my session's plugins fairly easily with the faderport, but when it comes to changing parameters, I run into some issues. The parameters don't correlate to the fader in any meaningful way, meaning that moving the fader from the bottom to the top changes the parameter very little, until I actually reach the top or bottom when the parameter jumps wildly. For example, I might be adjusting the input level on a compressor. The greater length of the fader moves the input gain about 5db, then when the fader hits the top, the gain jumps to 20. This makes it fairly difficult to get the settings I want because I either can't reach the value I want, or I just jump straight over it. When I edit the parameter with my mouse, the fader seems to correlate proportionally with the parameter values. This happens with the plugins that came with protools and third-party plugins.

Along the same lines, I was hoping there was a way to switch which parameters are affected by the SELECT button and which ones are affected by the faders. I have some plugins when the select button works perfectly, like for buttons within the plugin, but I have other times where the select button affects the frequency of an EQ band which means I either have the band set to the lowest or highest frequency when using the faderport.

I hope this is all clear enough, thanks!

2 Answers

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answered Sep 28, 2021 by salvattore001 (210 points)
i have the same issue here. did you manage to fix it?
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answered Sep 29, 2021 by salvattore001 (210 points)

for anyone who has this problem, i solved it by going into plugin edit mode, then press Shift + F7 (section key) on the faderport.

in the user manual this is described as: Toggle Fader Fixed or Velocity while in Edit Plug-in Mode