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Faderport 8 motorized faders problem - ProTools10

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asked Dec 28, 2016 in FaderPort 8 by paulorietjens (150 points)
My Faderport 8 does not respond fully with my pro tools 10.

I have the latest updates and firmware. The faderport is in HUI mode, powerd, and the play, stop functions work.
When i move the faders on the presonus, pro tools faders follow. But te faders won't follow if i write an automation ore move the faders with my mousepad...

Who can help me please

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answered Dec 28, 2016 by mattcaprio (147,860 points)
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It sounds like you've only done half of the setup.

Make sure you've followed all steps below:

  1. Open ProTools
  2. Open the "Setup" drop down menu and select "Peripherals"image
  3. Set "Type" to "HUI"
  4. Select FaderPort8 (may appear as "PreSnsFP8") under "Receive From" and "Send to" image