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Folder Bus option

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asked Jan 15, 2021 in Mixing by patpeterson2 (280 points)
I would like to request a right click option for creating a Bus that is linked to a folder automatically and vice versa + the ability to create this in both mix and track window. At the moment this is a three step process 1. create bus. 2. create folder. 3. link bus to folder. This can be called "Folder Bus" option.

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answered Jan 20, 2021 by ivoptzsch (550 points)
This function is always there ?
Look at Folder Track Busing
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answered Jan 22, 2021 by kisnou (3,940 points)
Sorry, but I have to downvote this. This feature is already available, please search the internet and explore the macros to find out more.
There is even a macro that already creates a folder + relative bus channel in the exchange.
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answered Jan 27, 2021 by klausnyberg (1,590 points)
Why do you downvote this? The function you are talking about does not do what this man wants. Because there is no way to macro the linking folder to bus action like there is also no way to link the Stereo-Mono button to anything.

There is no way to macro the creation of the folder + the bus and have the folder automaticly link to the bus.

After using the macros in exchange you then have to click the folder and choose the bus manually. Why the extra step? It gets tedious after a while.

You should reconsider your downvotes. The "Add buss to folder" command should be added to the action list so it can be used it macros.

I even downloaded both macros called Packed, grouped and bussed. None of those does what this person requested. Because the is no way to link the folder automaticly to the bus. And it should be.
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answered Mar 2, 2021 by ivanbenvenuti (220 points)
I share, "Add bus folder" should be added to the action list.