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Multiple Track View

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asked Jan 16 in Studio One 5 by svendspuur (200 points)

I have actually encountered this problem on several occasions. Now it annoys me so much that I have to ask if it's me or if there really is a bug in Studio One 5 pro. Have experienced the same issue in version 4.
The problem is, once I have copied for an eksample a chord to another track, all tracks are displayed  in one track even though I have only selected one track. It is the same regardles what track I select. All tracks appear on each single track, just like when all tracks are selected.
Do I make myself understandable?
Can you please look at it and or tell me how to avoid this annoying element?

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answered Jan 16 by wesleypeterson (11,240 points)
selected Jan 16 by svendspuur
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It tends to do that if you have multiple tracks selected when you go to Edit mode. The weird thing is if you select only one track after it doesn't change the view back to one track. You can click on the three bars on the left of the Edit screen and click on the white or gray dots to show or unshow the midi lines for those tracks. Once you have it back to one track it should function as you want until you have multiple tracks selected going into the Edit mode again.
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answered Jan 16 by svendspuur (200 points)
edited Jan 16 by svendspuur

Thanks wesleypeterson!
I will check out your solution on the next occursion


Recreated the problem and your solution works just fine.
Thank you!