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Transform to Audio stems based on midi notes

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asked Jun 22, 2021 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by adarshchandran (5,440 points)
Logic Pro has come up with a way to render MIDI to Audio stems based on the midi notes used. This functionality would be very useful for Drum plugins that are cumbersome to set up output routing just for one plugin as they don't have predefined outputs set up like Impact XT.

For example if I played a combination of Kick snare and hihats with  Addictive drums, on the MIDI editor one would see that there are 3 rows of MIDI notes. So with this feature mentioned above, While exporting/rendering into stems, it would produce 3 stems namely Kick hi-hats and snare. This would save much time.

Another instance would be if one particular note triggering a sample of a Kontakt library has unnecessary sub frequency, I would not have to cut the overall sub for the whole midi track just for one note. Instead I can split it into note based audio stems and fix it up.

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