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How can I tell if Notion 6 (Sphere subscription) Expansion Packs are available?

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asked Jan 16, 2021 in Notion by tcbeaton (170 points)
I have installed Notion 6 and downloaded some of the expansion packs. I cannot see anywhere in the Score Setup section where the expansion sounds are listed.

I have followed other question responses to click Help > Software Activation > Receive Licenses, but the Sphere version has no Receive Licenses button, but it does list all of the expansion sounds as authorized.

I also followed the suggestion to click File > Preferences > Audio, and make sure the Samples Folder is set to: C:\Program Files\Notion 6\Sound, which it is.

Finally, I checked the actual C:\Program Files\Notion 6\Sounds folder and I have two folder inside, Bundled and Expansion, both which contain many *.prox files.

Still, I cannot figure out how to access the expansion sounds within Notion 6.


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answered Feb 14, 2021 by eduardboots (140 points)
I've  got a different problem with Sphere. All the add ons show up in my Account.

I downloaded and Installed them, no issue. But stil there are some expansions don't show up in Notation 6. I did the whole process a couple of times again, without any result.

All strings (Like Cello Section, Violin and Bass) and some other expansions like classical guitar ain't working.

Strange because  downloading and Installing was done correctly. Even more strange because the most of the expensions are working in Notation 6. And I have downloaded all expansions on the same day.

What could be the cause?
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answered Aug 27, 2021 by cvenezia74 (140 points)
I just Installed Notion 6 with my sign up from Sphere. I am having the same issue, some of the sounds I installed work but I can not get any string instruments, the sound packs are hit and miss .

Has anyone found as solution to this by chance??

Macbook Pro/Catalina 10.15.7 Studio one 5 Professional