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Cant find Nektar Lx25+ as am external device in studio one

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asked Jan 19 in Studio One 5 by victorjameschapman (140 points)
I've installed the drivers that gives for the controller to work with studio one. My PC itself finds the midi controller, and device manager says its working properly with the latest driver.

However when i open Studio One Professional, there is no external devices found? Please advise.

Thank you

1 Answer

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answered Feb 2 by stefannepf1 (140 points)

I have a similar problem.

I'm using Studio One Artist on a Dell Laptop with Win 10 and try to connect a nektar Impact 25+ Keyboard as a controller and Instrument.

I have downloaded the latest driver from nektar.

Unfortunately  in the menu *Options - Exernal devices* Studi One doesn't autmatically find the dvice. Addingbthe device maually can not ne vompleted due the missing setting of the midi "receive from" options, there is only "none".

The laotop itself has the Nektar Imoact as an external audil device in the device Manager.

I hope I gave all the nevessary information and it would be great to get some help. Thanks.