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Audio Device Reset Command

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asked Jan 23 in Recording by richardwhite14 (540 points)
Would it be possible to add a function in Studio One which the user could assign to a shortcut key to reset the audio interface.

I am using a Line 6 Sonic Port VX with Studio One v5.x on a Core i7 laptop. It normally works fine, but maybe 2-3 times a day, I will get audio drop-outs and other artifacts on the incoming signal.  I have discovered that a work around to this problem is to reset the audio interface, by executing the command > Studio One> Options > Audio Setup >Device Block Size and then changing the block size and then restoring it. This work-around works consistently, but is a bit of a nuisance to go through these mouse clicks each time.  It would be much more convenient to reset the audio device from a single keystroke shortcut.


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answered Jan 25 by Lukas Ruschitzka (218,420 points)
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