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StudioOne taking input from MIDI device, but not playing the VI sound

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asked Feb 20, 2022 in Studio One 4 by natashakellogg (160 points)
Hello, I am using the AudioBox USB 96 to connect my Yamaha PSR-170 into StudioOne 4 Artist, but it is giving me an issue. StudioOne is receiving the MIDI data in all forms (on the MIDI monitor, the input indicator, and even the volume on the track is reacting as if I am playing and I am able to record the MIDI data onto Virtual Instruments), yet there is no audio output for my MIDI data with the VI. I am unable to hear anything from the use of the VIs. I encountered this issue when I first hooked this thing up and then I made a Song to experiment with the VIs and for some reason it works on that Song just fine, but I haven't been able to get it to work on any other songs.

Is there a setting I need to change that I am unaware of? I am not sure how I got one Song to work but not others.

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answered Feb 21, 2022 by colinotoole (16,390 points)
Does the VI make a sound with the on-screen virtual keyboard? You have to select the midi controller from the drop down menu of the VI.
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answered Feb 27, 2022 by natashakellogg (160 points)
@colinotoole, the on-screen virtual keyboard also does not make a sound when I play on it. I do have the instrument selected. Is this a problem that I should bring to tech support?
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answered Feb 28, 2022 by colinotoole (16,390 points)
Yes, I  think you should. Cheers.